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The Hollow Queen

These last two episodes have been so tense I've genuinely felt nervous before the show - that's the mark of great tv! It's hard to watch poor Merlin suffering and he really suffered this week. There was a change in him, he seemed much more grown up. From his voice to his manner he just seemed to be.....a man. Could be that I've been watching season 1 recently but I was really aware of it tonight. It was particularly evident in the "I don't need a sword" scene and his bad ass, taking no more shit from Gwen strut! I love this side of sweet little Merlin!

I felt for him when he was feeling pushed out by Gwen and thought Arthur wouldn't notice he was missing :( If only he knew just how incapable Arthur is without him! I giggled for ages over the dressing scene - brilliant and welcome comic relief. I was really hoping that Arthur would find him in the woods, rescue him and tell him how much he still needs him, it was not to be but Arthur's pitiful "where's Merlin? I want him back" almost made up for it.

The story of Morgana's captivity and the cruelty to the baby dragon was very chilling and sad . Nice little piece of backstory and it shows how Morgana has become so very twisted. The druid/non-druid boy didn't do much for me but I did like that Merlin won him over by just being his lovely, kind self.

So in all, another brilliant, tense episode. Would have liked more Arthur/Merlin but LOVE bad-ass Merlin! Looking forward to next week :)


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Nov. 27th, 2012 12:06 am (UTC)
I think i may be one of the few people who agree with you. I am actually liking this 'Gwen-arc".

I am hoping this is the turning of Merlin from 'nice merlin' into 'powerful merlin'.

I'm not a fan of dumbing-down Arthur...but usually that isn't so...so I'm prepared to forget that.
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